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The enterprise division of On3, utilizing data, technology and relationships to develop solutions that solve for athlete value and creating a more efficient marketplace.

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On3 NIL Valuation

The lndustry’s Only NIL Value Index

The On3 NIL Valuation is the industry’s leading index that sets high school and college athletes’ projected annual value (PAV). A proprietary algorithm, the On3 NIL Valuation establishes the overall NIL market and projected 12-month growth rate by measuring two categories, Brand Value Index and Roster Value Index.

The Brand Value Index measures the national licensing and sponsorship market. The Roster Value Index collects data from all school Collectives into a proprietary Roster Management software. Brand Value and Roster Value are combined to create the overall NIL market.

Using the overall NIL market size, the On3 NIL Valuation calculates an athlete’s Brand Value and Roster Value by using dynamic data points targeting three primary categories:

  • Performance
  • Influence
  • Exposure

NIL Resources

Overall NIL Market

For Athletes

For the first time, athletes have the ability to control, impact, and understand how their On3 Ranking and Valuation can create new opportunities.

Private Dashboard

  • Increase their Value
  • Unlock their P.I.E. score
  • Access athlete-only tools
  • Learn what to charge
  • Report deals

Athletes can join the On3 Athlete Network by connecting with their On3 Profile and unlocking their personal NIL Valuation.

For more information, email [email protected]

For Universities and Collectives

Consulting services providing in-depth On3 NIL Valuation information and analysis.

On3 OS has invested significant resources in collecting the most extensive database of information on the NIL marketplace. There is now a significant data set of anonymized data that can allow Universities and Collectives to make better informed decisions for planning, budgeting and distribution of funds.

  • Conference averages for key NIL metrics
  • Detailed information on how NIL Valuations are calculated
  • Athlete information sessions and one-on-one educational opportunities

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For Brands

Consulting services to understand and activate NIL programs.

On3 OS has accumulated an impressive collection of NIL data, as well as algorithms that take into account high school and college athlete social media reach and engagement. On3 OS is now providing aggregate, anonymized data that allows brands to better understand the collegiate marketplace.

For more information, email [email protected]